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Nonpublic Educational Services

Students who are enrolled in nonpublic services in nonpublic schools may be entitled to educational services under certain state and federal programs.

The Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission works on a contracted basis with public school districts to provide services to non-public schools for students who meet the following requirements: 
  • Enrolled full-time in a NJ state approved nonpublic, elementary or secondary school 
  • Be between the ages of 5-20 for Chapter 192 services, or 5-21 for Chapter 193 services
  • Meet the criteria for eligibility for the specific service(s) as determined by law, code and/or regulation
  • Parents/guardians have given written consent as required yearly 

Chapter 192 Services 

  • Compensatory Education 

  • English Language Learner (ESL) 

  • Home Instruction 

Chapter 193 Services 

  • Child Study Team Assessment 
  • Speech-Language
  • Supplementary Instruction 

IDEA (Individuals With Disabilities Education Act) Related Services 

The MOESC Special Services Department manages programs available through IDEA. 
IDEA Part B Services are for children and youth (ages 3-21), requiring special education services: 
  • Instructional aides for classified students are identified as requiring such services in their Individualized Service Plans 
  • In-class teacher support programs based on the students' Individualized Service Plans 
  • Purchase of educational instructional materials and professional development appropriate to student needs 
  • Occupational or Physical Therapy appropriate to students' needs ADDITIONAL SERVICES 
  • Nonpublic Textbook Program 
  • Nonpublic Technology Program 
  • Nonpublic Security Program 
  • Nonpublic Nursing Program