What should I expect from transportation during emergency school closings?

MOESC transports 10,000 students to approximately 500 schools, and as such, contractors are instructed to listen for closings/delays and transport accordingly.  However, due to coordinated routes which may transport students from multiple towns, you may experience the following:

Your child is on a route with 3 children all residing in different districts.  One district is closed, one is on a 90 minute delay and one is on a 2 hour delay.  The contractor will follow the 2 hour delay.

Your district may have instructed MOESC not to transport any students in or out of district when they are closed.  i.e., you live in Jackson Twp but your student attends a nonpublic, special education or vocational program which is not located in Jackson Twp.  Your child’s school is open.  You will not receive transportation if Jackson Twp has instructed the MOESC not to transport any students who reside in Jackson Twp during an emergency closing.  You may check with your district regarding local policies. 

Note:  Emergency delays/closings cause numerous problems due to the versatility of the coordinated transportation program.  Your cooperation during these times is extremely appreciated.  Every effort is made to ensure that your child is transported safely.  The key to avoid confusion is direct communication with your driver and/or contractor.