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About Regional Achievement Academy

The Regional Achievement Academy is where change happens, serving classified and non-classified, at-risk students in grades 4 - 12 seeking an alternative to the traditional educational program. Potential students may:
  • Be in danger of not graduating with their class
  • Have chronic discipline/attendance problems
  • Be self-abusive
  • Be struggling with substance misuse
Our school uses a variety of instructional strategies, including project-based learning, experiential learning, and differentiated instruction. We also maintain a low student to staff ratio. 

Our program addresses the educational, behavioral, social, and emotional needs of students.  We use a flexible scheduling format while maintaining a structured learning environment. We also support the concept of including the therapeutic community as an integral component of the educational system. The notion of therapeutic involvement throughout the school day truly helps to facilitate our goals in that each student should be able to contribute to such socialization dynamics. 

Our approach remains that a nurturing, supportive educational environment can provide appropriate academic and emotional experiences for each student through a system of ongoing analysis of the individual’s needs, strengths, interests and weaknesses. 

Click here for our student referral packet to be completed and emailed to the school secretary, Linda Ceccarelli at