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Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission Announces New Board of Directors for 2024-25 School Year

The Representative Assemblies of all Superintendents from Monmouth and Ocean counties are pleased to announce the appointment of the Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) Board of Directors for the 2024-2025 school year at their June 7, 2024 meetings. The appointed members are:

  • Mr. Neal Dickstein, Freehold Township
  • Dr. Thomas Farrell, Brick
  • Dr. Charles Ford, Jr., Monmouth County Vocational
  • Mrs. Loren Fuhring, Lakehurst
  • Dr. Lisa Goldey, Tinton Falls
  • Mr. Joseph Isola, Howell
  • Dr. Brian Latwis, Barnegat
  • Mr. Brent MacConnell, Shrewsbury
  • Mr. Scott McCue, Eatontown
  • Dr. Vanessa Pereira, Lacey Township
  • Dr. James Roselli, Berkeley Township
  • Dr. Lisa Savoia, Keyport
  • Dr. William Smith, Point Pleasant Beach
  • Mr. John Spalthoff, Spring Lake Heights

We are also announcing a vacancy on the MOESC Board of Directors. If you are a superintendent interested in serving on the MOESC Board of Directors for the 2024-2025 school year, please submit your resume and letter of interest to Dr. George at A committee of Board of Directors members will be formed to select the next superintendent to serve on the board.

The mission of the Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) is to provide high-quality, cost-effective programming and services geared to local school districts’ individual educational and administrative needs.

We look forward to the leadership and contributions of our newly appointed board members as we continue to enhance educational services and opportunities for our schools and communities.

Cooperative Purchasing Program Makes Headway

Welcome to the latest update from the Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) Cooperative Purchasing Program!

We are excited to announce the expansion of our cooperative purchasing services, providing even greater value and convenience to our member districts. As always, our goal is to help you save time and money by leveraging the collective buying power of our members. Here are the three major new services added to our cooperative purchasing program:

New Cooperative Contracts and Bids

1. Technology Management and Security Services Cooperative Contracts

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring robust technology infrastructure and security is paramount. Our new Technology Management and Security Services Cooperative Contracts are designed to offer comprehensive solutions, including:

  • Network Security and Cybersecurity Solutions
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Services and Data Backup
  • Technical Support and Consulting Services

These contracts provide access to top-tier vendors who specialize in protecting and managing your district’s technology resources efficiently and effectively.

2. School Communications and Safety Systems Cooperative Contracts

Effective communication and safety are critical components of a successful educational environment. Our new School Communications and Safety Systems Cooperative Contracts include:

  • Emergency Notification Systems
  • Intercom and PA Systems
  • Video Surveillance and Access Control
  • Integrated School Safety Solutions

These contracts aim to enhance the security and communication capabilities of your schools, ensuring a safe and connected community for students, staff, and parents.

3. Roofing Repair and Maintenance Cooperative Bids

Maintaining the integrity of your school buildings is essential for providing a safe and conducive learning environment. Our new Roofing Repair and Maintenance Cooperative Bids cover:

  • Routine Roofing Inspections and Assessments
  • Repair Services for Leaks and Damages
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Complete Roof Replacement Options

These bids ensure that you have access to reliable and high-quality roofing services to keep your facilities in top condition.

Existing Cooperative Bids

In addition to these new services, we continue to offer our existing cooperative bids, which include:

  1. Electrician Services Cooperative Bid

  2. General Constructions Cooperative Bid
  3. HVAC Services Cooperative Bid
  4. Nursing Supplies Cooperative Bid
  5. Painting Cooperative Bid
  6. Plumbing Services Cooperative Bid
  7. Technology Management and Security Services - Hourly Cooperative Bid
  8. Translation Services Cooperative Bid

Looking Ahead

We are committed to continually expanding and improving our cooperative purchasing program. Keep an eye out for future bid awards following our August Board of Directors meeting. Our aim is to consistently provide new opportunities that meet the evolving needs of our member districts.

For more detailed information on all our cooperative purchasing options, information on joining our Co-op and to stay updated with the latest developments, please visit our Co-op purchasing page.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in the MOESC Cooperative Purchasing Program. Together, we are making a difference in education by promoting efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

MOESC Partners with LM Squared in New PD Series for Novice Teachers

The Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) is thrilled to announce its partnership with LM Squared Consultants in launching the Educator Essentials Academy, a comprehensive 3-part workshop series tailored specifically for new and aspiring educators. This initiative, set to take place in the late summer and fall of 2024, comes in response to alarming research indicating that over 10% of new teachers leave the profession within their first academic year. The Educator Essentials Academy aims to mitigate this trend by providing critical support during the early stages of a teacher's career.

The first workshop, "Launch," serves as an introduction, guiding participants through the essentials of securing a teaching job or planning for a successful school year. Tailored breakout sessions will address specific needs, whether it’s resume building and interview preparation or strategic classroom planning. The second workshop, "Ignite," equips new teachers with essential skills to create positive learning environments and align their practices with district goals. Participants will learn effective organization, technology integration, and relationship-building strategies vital for their professional growth.

The final workshop, "Elevate," delves into the New Jersey Tiered Systems of Support (NJTSS) and student-centered learning. It offers insights into creating inclusive classrooms and utilizing the MTSS framework to meet diverse student needs. By fostering critical thinking and self-directed learning, this session empowers teachers to design engaging lessons that cater to various learning styles. Through this targeted professional development series, MOESC and LM Squared are committed to supporting novice teachers, ensuring they have the resources and skills needed to thrive in their new roles.

For more information on the Educator Essentials Academy and registration details, visit our Professional Development Page.

Regional Achievement Academy Principal Wins Exemplary Educator Award

The Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission is proud to announce that Regional Achievement Academy Principal Kathleen Miller has been honored with the Exemplary Educator Award for 2024 by the New Jersey Department of Education. This prestigious award, part of the state's Exemplary Educator Recognition Program, acknowledges outstanding educators who exhibit a profound knowledge and skill set, an inspiring presence, and a positive impact on their students and colleagues.

Principal Miller's remarkable rapport with both students and staff has been a cornerstone of her success. She is celebrated for her innovative approach to student discipline and motivation, implementing strategies that not only address behavioral issues but also encourage personal growth and responsibility among students. Her methods have positively impacted student behaviors while fostering a nurturing environment where students feel valued and understood.

Moreover, Ms. Miller's ability to cultivate a warm, welcoming, and positive school culture has positioned Regional Achievement Academy as a model of excellence. Her leadership style, characterized by empathy and enthusiasm, has created a close-knit community where every member feels like they belong. Principal Miller's dedication to her school community embodies the very essence of the Exemplary Educator Award, making her a deserving recipient of this high honor. Congratulations to Principal Kathleen Miller for her extraordinary contributions to Regional Achievement Academy and the broader MOESC family!

Construction Makes Steady Progress

MOESC has long been recognized as a hub of educational excellence, serving as a cornerstone for collaboration, resource sharing, and professional development. With these renovations and additions, it is poised to further elevate its role in supporting the educational community across the State of New Jersey and driving positive outcomes for students across the region.

The recent construction meetings have been positive and the project is proceeding on schedule as planned.  As we look ahead to the summer, we are preparing for extensive renovations at the Shore Center. These updates will expand our offerings and improve the functionality of our spaces. The planned renovations include the beginning phases of the creation of a cutting-edge gaming lab, which will provide students with exciting opportunities to engage in educational gaming and develop skills in game design and programming.

Additionally, the nurse’s suite will be updated, the school diner will receive a complete makeover, and the apartment, as well as office space, will be updated to improve the organization of spaces. These enhancements will create a more conducive learning environment, benefiting both teaching and learning. In addition, the revised entrance will highlight the facility, welcoming our students, staff, and visitors. We are incredibly excited about these developments and the positive impact they will have on our students, staff, and community. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress with this exciting project!

Spotlight on the Shore Center: School for Students with Autism

The Shore Center is a public, out-of-district school for students with Autism ages 3-21. Our program is based in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with a curriculum aligned to state learning standards. Instruction is data-driven and individualized to students’ learning profiles. Academic and behavioral data is collected daily and analyzed regularly through monthly clinical data meetings. Related services are provided by three speech-language pathologists, two full-time occupational therapists, one part-time occupational therapist, one part-time physical therapist, and a full-time school counselor. Our school counselor also implements weekly social-emotional learning lessons in all of our classrooms. Additionally, all students receive music, art, and PE/health. 

We have a comprehensive behavioral services model with a Supervisor of Behavioral Services/Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), a full-time BCBA, a Registered Behavior Technician(RBT) in each classroom, two Response Team Leaders, and ongoing consultation with Dr. Mary Haspel, BCBA-D, assistant professor at Monmouth University. Behavioral programming includes training and implementation of the evidence-based practices identified by the  National Clearinghouse on Autism Evidence and Practice (NCAEP). Our schoolwide de-escalation protocol integrates Safety-Care Crisis Prevention Training to emphasize the utilization of ABA and positive-behavioral supports. 

Our community-based instruction (CBI) model focuses on the following domains: community living, recreation and leisure, career exploration and awareness. Students are provided real-life opportunities that consist of school-based experiential learning in our school’s apartment and job sampling room as well as off-campus trips at a variety of consumer locations. These sites include but are not limited to Burlington, Bubbakoos, Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, Monmouth University, Walgreens, Goodwill, and St. Peter’s Blessing Bag Brigade. Students’ career exploration is guided by the Shore Center Work Experience Assessment and broken down into associated tiers that correspond to students’ overall needs. As of July 2024, our full-time transition coordinator will be responsible for coordinating these experiences and connecting students with post-secondary pathways. In addition, all RBTs that are part of our CBI model have been trained in job coaching through Rutgers University BOGGS Center on Developmental Disabilities.  

As a student at the Shore Center, one can expect to be immersed in high-quality instruction based on individualized educational goals while being offered a plethora of opportunities expanding beyond that of the classroom. Student life includes the Shore Center E-Sports team, the Shore Center Beanery and Cafe, The Shore Center Snack Shack, The Shore Center Creamery, the Greenhouse, Shore Center Student Council, and the Shore Center 5 Broadcast. At the Shore Center, we build a community of learners by fostering collaborative relationships with families, sending districts, and outreach partnerships focused on our students’ personal learning journeys.  

For more information, please visit the Shore Center Website.