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  • The MOESC Regional Achievement Academy programs are designed to serve both classified and non-classified, at-risk, students seeking an alternative to the traditional educational program.  Potential students may be in danger of not graduating with their class, have chronic discipline/attendance problems, be adjudicated, self-abusive, or drug-involved. Students in grades 5-12 can enroll and the school will consider all students. The school uses current and unique instructional strategies, including project-based learning, experiential learning, and differentiated instruction, while maintaining a low student to staff ratio. The curriculum is based on the student’s current I.E.P/P.L.P. plan and all guidelines set forth by the state of New Jersey.  The students’ interests, specific skills, and life goals are all taken into consideration while implementing the instructional design.  

    Our program addresses the educational, behavioral, social, and emotional needs of students.  The staff use a flexible scheduling format while maintaining a structured learning environment.  The overall philosophy is based on the knowledge that an environment can be developed that enables each individual student to approach problems with increasing complexity, starting from those at his/her own level of competence.  By beginning with success-oriented tasks in the academic, behavioral, and social/emotional areas and proceeding to problems of a more complex nature, each student will gain the confidence and self-esteem necessary to effectively negotiate society.  Within the framework of this philosophy is the concept of the therapeutic community as an integral component of the educational system.  The notion of therapeutic involvement throughout the school day truly helps to facilitate our goals in that each student should be able to contribute to such socialization dynamics. In summary, the philosophy of our approach remains that a nurturing, supportive educational environment can provide appropriate academic and emotional experiences for each student through a system of ongoing analysis of the individual’s needs, strengths, interests and weaknesses. 

    The mission of the Regional Achievement Academy is to provide a safe and appropriate learning environment that encourages students to take risks as they identify goals and develop values.  Through various pedagogical strategies, students will be encouraged to foster a desire to learn and master the National and State Core Standards.  Students at the Regional Achievement Academy can trust themselves to take responsibility for their personal growth, developing positive principles of respect, originality, diversity, tolerance, acceptance, resourcefulness, self-reliance, personal responsibility and accountability to become productive members of society.  Preparing for post-secondary education, transitioning into the even changing workforce and earning a diploma will be symbols of success.


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  • 100 Tornillo Way, Tinton Falls NJ 07712


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