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    We assist public and non-public schools in numerous areas, including: cooperative purchase programs, cooperative transportation, grant compliance and management, staff development, alternative school placement (Regional Achievement Academy), child study team services (CST), NJ Virtual School (NJVS), paraprofessional staff for public schools (APPS program), online real estate courses, McKinley-Vento Homeless Services, home instruction, nursing services, and more.

    Our goal is to assist public and non-public schools by providing supplementary services so they can support their students and community with the necessary resources and programming. By forming collaborative relationships with districts, we work in meaningful partnerships that enable us to provide opportunities that fulfill numerous quality programs, services, and staffing needs. In all cases, our staff is fully certified by the State of New Jersey and meets federal and state highly qualified requirements. All of our courses meet the State of New Jersey Student Learning Standards  (NJSLS).