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Co-op Purchasing

What is cooperative purchasing? 

The New Jersey Cooperative Purchasing Program offers specific state contracts to eligible local businesses and vendors. It is a team effort to obtain benefits in pricing, product quality and an efficient contract process for public purchasing entities. A few of the public purchasing entities that can use these contracts include: 

  • Municipalities 

  • Counties 

  • School districts 

  • Volunteer fire departments 

  • Volunteer first aid and rescue squads 

  • County and state colleges 

  • Independent institutions of higher education 


What are the benefits of cooperative purchasing? 

There are many benefits of cooperative purchasing which include: 

  • Saving money – Cooperative purchasing contracts save money by providing volume driven cost reductions. By adding purchases to the state’s contract, the state has greater leverage to negotiate prices and product values. 

  • Saving time – With this program, purchases can be made easily by issuing a purchase order to the state contract vendor, saving staff time and related expenses. 

  • Offering product flexibility – State contracts have many qualified and approved vendors that offer a variety of goods and services, helping to deliver needs faster. 

  • Receiving updates – Cooperative purchasing participants will receive regular updates about contract awards, development opportunities, and other helpful news. 

To learn more about New Jersey’s Cooperative Purchasing, visit this Official Site of the State of New Jersey