• The MOESC Special Services Department works cooperatively with local school districts to assist in meeting their needs for Child Study Team and special services, special area teaching staff, and substance awareness coordinators.

    The following Contracted Services are available:

    • Child Study Team services are available on an annual and/or temporary basis to districts wishing to contract for individual disciplines, i.e., School Psychologist, School Social Worker, Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant (LDTC) and/or for a full Child Study Team.
    • MOESC Child Study Teams are available to perform independent third party evaluations in cases of dispute between the local district and the parents.
    • Certified Speech/Language Specialists provide speech/language evaluation and therapy services at the request of the districts on an annual and/or temporary basis.
    • Special area teaching staff in subjects such as world languages, music, art, and/or physical education are available to augment existing district staff during times of need or during increased enrollment or other such events.