• "I cannot remember the last time I attended a professional development program which offered new and applicable information that also addressed our curriculum.  Presenters were extremely well prepared and eager to work with all participants involved.  Today was one of the most productive I have had in a very long time with fostering improvement in my classroom ..."

    "I loved the PD session. It was a small group setting with like-minded professionals, and the conversations were great."

    "I left this professional development session with a wealth of valuable resources that I will be able to use in my classroom. The session was interactive and fostered collaboration and conversations between the teachers in attendance. The presenters were clearly prepared and extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to attending more MOESC sessions!"

    "Excellent actionable, applicable ideas were presented. Resources provided are thorough and offer great value to student learning objectives...Presenters were knowledgeable and material was carefully researched. I really enjoyed the energy that the instructors brought, and it was very helpful being able to discuss and network with other teachers from other districts to try and help strengthen my own lesson planning skills and executing the construction of Unit Plans in accordance with New Jersey state standards."

    "I loved learning about new strategies to dive deeper into content with my students!
    Both instructors were very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in the presentation!  The resources they provided will be very helpful."

    "The presenter was great! She provided useful information to apply in the classroom. I will even pass her name on to my administrator ! Hopefully, she will set up a PD for our school."

    "I think this was such a great opportunity for me to join as a first year teacher. It was nice to know that as an ICS teacher, I am not the only one who was trying to figure out their role within the classroom, especially when we  are in the classroom with  veteran teachers. I am excited to bring back and implement some strategies to reach out to all learners within the classroom."

    "The idea of sharing professional input was a highlight of this presentation. The presenters were highly qualified and professional. I truly loved attending this program and will share ideas with my colleagues. Thank you for organizing it!"