MOESC Paraprofessional Mission

  • MOESC Paraprofessionals are an essential part of the educational system and provide support to our students with unique learning needs. The role of the MOESC paraprofessional is to support students individually, in a group setting or whole group, by accommodating and modifying the learning environment based on students’ Individualized Education Plan to ensure the student can successfully learn, while working collaboratively with the classroom teacher.  

Roles & Responsibilities of Paraprofessionals

  • Paraprofessionals have an important role in supporting students who exhibit challenging behaviors; they are often called upon to prevent, manage, and de-escalate problem behaviors which may include the implementation of the student’s behavior intervention plan (BIP).

    Additional work that our paraprofessionals do:

    • Providing one-on-one, small-group, or classroom assistance
    • Providing instructional support to a student under the direct supervision of a teacher
    • Assisting with classroom management
    • Providing instructional support in a classroom, media center, or computer lab  setting
    • Acting as a translator (bi-lingual paraprofessionals) to non-English speaking students and/or families
    • Use of strategies that provide learner independence and positive self-esteem
    • Assistance in accommodating and modifying learning strategies based on unique learning styles and ability level
    • Review and reinforcement of learning activities
    • Assistance in engaging learners through an awareness of cognitive, physical, social, emotional and language development.
    • Collection of data on learner activity, if needed
    • Carrying out functional (informal) assessment activities
    • Participation in ongoing professional development relevant to the position