Paraprofessional Program APPS (Aides Placed In Public Schools)


    The Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) provides paraprofessional services throughout Monmouth and Ocean County. Our paraprofessional program, known as APPS (Aides Placed in Public Schools) provides paraprofessional staff to students in public schools who are identified as having unique needs. Our paraprofessionals in the APPS program provide the assistance that classified students may require to fully participate in their educational setting. This may be on a one-to-one basis, small groups or in an overall classroom support capacity, with the student's Individual Educational Plan and the classroom setting accounting for the variability of the program. MOESC paraprofessionals work under the supervision of MOESC Special Services Administration and in conjunction with district supervisors.


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  • MOESC Paraprofessional of the year 2021!
    Image of the MOESC Paraprofessionals of the year 2021.

    Bonnie Shapiro Maria Gingerelli Cecilia Vacca.
  • Why choose MOESC?


    We post positions, interview & vett candidates, carry out clearance/fingerprinting procedures, and onboard all staff.

    We provide oversight with on-site evaluations, conferencing and frequent check-ins with our staff.

    We value relationships with administrators and personnel and meet regularly to review processes, procedures and services. 

    MOESC provides Professional Development Training. 

    We have 10+ years of experience providing paraprofessional services to public and non-public school districts in Monmouth and Ocean counties